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Audio Art

Welcome to the CJUC Audio Arts Immersion Program page.

This program will run from July 6th through November 2017 out of The Chambers House in Shipyards Park home to Frostbite and CJUC Community Radio. The class will be from 7-9PM weekly. For more information drop by our studio in Shipyards park during the weekly Fireweed Market or email audioart<at>

June 21 2017

What is Audio Arts Immersion?

Simply put Audio Arts Immersion is a basic introduction to the world of sound and how it is recorded and manipulated to create an artistic expression.

The program will consist of bi weekly workshops where we will learn about different aspects of sound, history, techniques, as well as allow participants to discuss and work on their own projects. On off weeks, we will concentrate on group and individual discussion of projects and one on one instruction.

Topics for discussion will be

  • What is Audio Art?
  • History of Audio Art
  • Listening and Recording
  • Theatre of the Mind
  • Documentary, Radio Drama, Film Sound Effects, Mash Ups, Storytelling
  • Tape and Digital editing

For this program CJUC will be broadcasting the projects as part of its programming as well as creating podcasts to be posted on the internet.

Participants are encouraged to download and install Audacity, a free to use and download, open-source editing and multitrack recording software. Individuals with more experience can use their own favorite or familiar software.

For more information drop by our studio in Shipyards park during the weekly Fireweed Market or email audioart<at>

Funding for this project is from the Community Radio Fund of Canada.



June 12 2017

CJUC receives funding to create community Audio Arts Program

Some exciting news from CJUC Radio. We have received funding from the Community Radio Fund of Canada, Radiometres program to create an Audio Art Immersion program.

Audio art includes a variety of practices including audio collage, radio drama, storytelling and documentary elements, mashups, soundscapes constructed from everyday environmental sounds and audio installations for specific spaces. Volunteers will be encouraged to produce pieces reflective of the Yukon and their personal and local histories but will be given the freedom to explore a variety of creative approaches and subject matter.

The main goal of this project is to instruct and support volunteers from the community in the production of ‘audio art’ to produce short form (2-5 minute) and long form (20-40 minute) audio pieces for broadcast and podcasting. Volunteers will include current CJUC radio programmers and open to any interested members of the community.

All interested should contact the station at 457-CJUC, email us at or drop by The Chambers House in Shipyards Park Thursday from 3-8 during the Fireweed Market.